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With centres in Orange, Perth & Mackay, Unilift are your truly local Australian specialist in the manufacture, supply, inspection & servicing of all wire ropes, synthetic slings and engineered heavy-lift solutions for mining, production drilling, oil & gas, mobile & fixed cranes, renewable energy, construction and the port & marine sectors.

What sets us apart is our practical on-site experience, technical know-how and high-end production value for all rope, sling & heavy-lift applications. Unilift truly understand your projects and have the expertise & manufacturing required to deliver top-quality results safely, according to specification, on-time and within your budget.

Unilift Head Office - Orange NSW Australia

Just some of our top-quality products

Unilift Special Wire Rope

Unilift® Special Wire Ropes

Unilift's own ropes consistently provide improved solutions where OEM or cheaper ropes are failing to reach expected service life…

Gorgon Phase 2

Extreema® Heavy-Lift Slings

Extreema® soft slings set the standard for world-class textile lifting equipment for heavy-lift projects worldwide…

Unilift Manufactured Lifting and Load Distribution Beams

Unilift® Engineered Lifting Systems

Not all heavy-lift situations can be tackled with off-the-shelf solutions. Enter Unilift® engineered lifting solutions…

Murlink<sup>®</sup> Synthetic Lifting & Lashing Chain

Murlink® Synthetic Chain

Murlink® synthetic lifting & lashing chain is a high-strength, lightweight and durable alternative to traditional metal chain…

Diepa Special Wire Ropes

Diepa® Special Wire Ropes

Unilift are the sole Australian distributors for Diepa® ropes — manufactured in Germany and renowned for their excellent service life…

Black Snake Heavy Recovery & Tow Strops

Black Snake® Recovery Strops

Australian-made Black Snake® strops are the very best in the business when it comes to heavy recovery & towage …

About our Company

Unilift is a family owned & operated company, established in 2001. Back then we could see the need for a lifting equipment supplier in our area to support the drilling, mining and transport industry. While we began as a simple father & son rigging shop, we have since grown into one of Australia’s most trusted rigging equipment suppliers to the resources and oil & gas sector.

Unilift is a NATA Member

Our customer base ranges from small scale crane operators and engineering shops right through to large international companies managing complex subsea & offshore construction projects. The growth of our company can be attributed in part to our long hours of physical hard work, but also our unwavering commitment to supplying our customers with the highest quality products, in a timely manner and in the best possible condition. We feel it is our responsibility to provide our valued customers with nothing short of the very best service & quality and at the end of the day, a competitive price.

Unilft is a NATA accredited organisation:
Accreditation No. 19522 ISO/IEC 17025:2005

Unilift Testing Inspection & Rope Service


Unilift offer professional wire rope services throughout Australia. Unilift technicians have developed skills through training and in-the-field experience to provide our customers with excellent technical support. We offer a range of professional inspection and testing services for wire ropes & rigging. Unilift is renowned for excellent customer assistance with our highly specialised wire rope inspection services. We offer thorough visual inspections, proof testing and non-destructive examination (NDT services). The field service team also have extensive experience is rope installation, socketing, spooling, re-lubrication and wire rope surveys for every application.

Unilift Application Engineering & Solutions


Unilift’s technical support and sales team specialise in providing solutions where other ropes are not performing. The team’s in-depth knowledge of steel wire ropes can assist with choosing the correct wire rope for each and every application. Our applications team works as a bridge between the client and the rope manufacturing plant, to provide professional advice when selecting ropes for your specific application with the main focus being maximum rope service life. Being the exclusive distributor for Diepa Special Ropes, who are world renowned for their service life in specialist applications, Unilift have confidence in meeting and exceeding your every rope need.

Unilift Inventory, Sales & Production


Unilift hold an extensive inventory of both specialist and general purpose wire ropes for almost every application. With distribution bases in NSW and Western Australia we are able to provide prompt service 24/7, 365 days a year. Our manufacturing facility is well equipped with rope handling, cutting & annealing machines, testing equipment and wire rope hydraulic presses. Our production team are highly experienced in handling rotation resistant and large diameter wire ropes such as heavy lift grommets & slings. Strict wire rope handling procedures are part of Unilift’s quality system to ensure our high performance ropes are delivered safely, tension free and ready for installation.

Diepa Special Wire Ropes
LiftTex Extreema Heavy Lift Soft Slings
Gunnebo Lifting Shackles & Fittings
GreenPin Shackles & Fittings
GN Rope Fittings
Global Rope Fittings
Rope Block
Dynamica Ropes
Usha Martin
Black Snake
Unilift UniAuction for Great Used & Bargain Lifting Equipment

Are you looking for a great deal?

With Unilift's expertise in testing & servicing in some of the most remote parts of the country, we're sometimes called to upgrade, remove or replace heavy-lift equipment well before its time is truly up. So why not check in regularly at our UniAuction page for great deals or superseded or second-hand lifting equipment, or subcribe to recieve notification via email for each upcoming auction?

Latest Projects

Gorgon Phase 2


Unilift was awarded the supply and fabrication of wire-rope and synthetic slings for Chevron’s Gorgon Phase 2 subsea spools installation More than 200 steel wire-rope slings were manufactured ranging from 44mm up to 71mm in diameter…

Darwin Chain Inspection


Unilift’s lifting & rigging inspection technicians are a valuable asset to our clients who need sound and thorough lifting equipment inspections carried out. This particular client required chains to be inspected on their jack-up platform…

BOOM Logistics Hook Block Lifting Plates


Unilift manufactured two 160T hook block lifting plates for the Boom Logistics windfarm project. The process involved fabrication, non-destructive testing and proof testing. Hook block lifting plates (also called monkey face plates)…

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