Proof Load Testing

Proof-load testing is the process of checking components to ensure they can withstand their intended design load without failure or yeilding (giving in to unacceptable deformation). Testing is performed by applying a force greater than the working load limit (WLL) for a specified length of time. While smaller components like off-the-shelf slings or shackles can be tested on bench or floor mounted test rigs, our specialisation in heavy-lift requires something slightly more substantial. Our 50m/1000 ton hydraulic test bed (the only one of this capacity on the Australian mainland) ensures that we can test even the largest hooks, slings and lifting beams for the very largest projects. Our experienced staff are fully trained in Australian & International standards, and our specialised testing service is available for both on-site or remote testing.

Our testing services include:

  1. Proof load testing to 1000 tons
  2. Destruction Testing to 800 tons
  3. Compression testing to 500 tons
  4. NDE steel wire rope testing to Ø85mm
  5. NDT testing
  6. Socketing up to Ø175mm
  7. Cyclic, tensile, fatigue & stall testing
  8. Drop testing
  9. Water-bg testing

Unilift - Proof Load Testing to 1000 ton


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